Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento

When I travel, one of the first orders of business is to find great coffee. Coffee houses abound in Sacramento Ca. By far the most opportunities for great coffee are found in midtown followed by downtown and East Sacramento.  Sacramento Ca doesn’t disappoint the coffee enthusiast. No matter what neighborhood you are in you can find good coffee. In fact any of the cafes in Sacramento Ca on this list will provide excellent coffee tea. Unfortunately, my research in Sacramento Ca was done during the COVID-19 pandemic so my recommendations are based solely upon the flavors and quality of the coffee rather than the atmosphere that each cafe provides. Although I am able to comment on the general appearance and location of the cafe.

Mill Coffee House

Sacramento coffee doesn’t get better that this. The Mill is my favorite coffee shop in Sacramento Ca. Their lattes and cappuccinos are superb. The flavors are beautifully balanced with flavors of maple, sweet cream & cocoa. Truly a perfect way to start your day, or a wonderful stop at any time they are open. The menu will have several seasonal drinks as well as the classics that we have come to love. The Mill roasts its own beans under the brand Bouquet, which are fantastic! In my opinion, Mill Coffee house is the best in town!

Nick and Ilah Rose, are the architects of this fabulous cafe. They opened in 2013 in a stall at the Saturday Farmer’s market in midtown. Who knew that this local service would grow into one of the best coffee shops in Sacramento Ca?

Midtown is the flagship spot at:

1827 I Street
Sacramento, CA, 95811
United States

East Sacramento near Sacramento State University at:

6423 Elvas Ave
Sacramento, CA, 95819
United States

Old Soul Co. –

The Old Soul Co. coffee shop’s unique and flavorful coffees earn our rating as one of the best coffee roasters in Sacramento Ca. Their latte and cappuccino stand out due to the unique flavors—unlike any others I have tried. The espresso has a fabulous fruit flavor combined with pecan and a smooth milk chocolate.

Roaster Jason Griest and baker Tim Jordan are the founders of the Old Soul Co. They combined their love of coffee and baking to create a community conscience coffeehouse that not only serves great food and drink but also supports many local charities. They source their beans directly from Ethiopia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, and Honduras.

They currently have four locations in the Sacramento Ca area. The original location in midtown is called the Alley. This site is where all the magic for the Old Soul is done. Each location is uniquely designed and beautifully decorated. The Old Soul Co. is a beautiful space and a place that we recommend for great unique Sacramento coffee.


Insight Coffee Roasters is a quality place that we highly recommend to all our readers. During non-Covid times they offer free coffee tasting and classes to aspiring home coffee roasters. Care is taken with each and every aspect of getting great coffee to your cup—from sourcing and farming, to roasting and brewing. All four of Insight’s Sacramento branches are beautifully designed and operate manual lever espresso machines (truly a unique and enjoyable experience) and manual brew bars. The coffees served here are always made by competent and friendly baristas.

They understand that good coffee requires quality farming, proper roasting, and appropriate brew techniques. Their mission is to teach people that coffee can be fantastic on its own with great flavors all by itself. They do this by rigorously and passionately paying attention to all of the details required for the best local coffee. They are meticulous about the farms where they derive quality seeds, the coffee roasting techniques they use to accentuate nuanced flavors, and how they brew to highlight the coffee’s unique attributes. They certainly know how to create a wonderful cup of coffee. Therefore, we highly recommend that you visit Insight coffee roasters if you are in Sacramento Ca.

Pachamama Coffee

Pachamama has a mission. Their founding farmers from Peru teamed up with others in Nicaragua and Guatemala and dreamed up this idea of selling their own brand of coffee in the United States. The price for coffee was near historic lows and coffee farms were going broke. Producing specialty coffee was not profitable for small farmers.

Therefore, working with partners in America, the Co-op managed to create their own coffee roasters in midtown Sacramento Ca along with three more locations in downtown and the surrounding neighborhood. After a long search I couldn’t find any better “farm to cup” coffees than theirs! Additionally, the South American farmers who made this business model are onto something new in the artisan coffee landscape. The day-to-day operations here are a pleasure to observe. After visiting the downtown and midtown locations we recommend them as one of the best coffee shops in Sacramento.

Identity Coffee

This cafe and roaster is among the best in Sacramento Ca! Founders Lucky and Ryan launched Identity Coffee with the desire to share their vision of down-to-earth, quality spots in Sacramento Ca where the only thing that matters is the things that matter. In 2019 Identity coffees had Midtown Roastery & Cafe, along with two other thriving locations. Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic the other downtown and east Sacramento locations had to close. Fortunately, we still have the Midtown venue! Aside from the amazing coffee & tea they serve, it’s a fabulous roaster as well. If you find yourself around midtown be sure to try Identity Coffee.

Milka Coffee

In my search for the best cup of joe in Sacramento Ca, everyone I spoke with told me that I needed to try Milka Coffee. This downtown cafe did not disappoint. Named after the owner’s grandmother Milka Radonich. Founder and Roaster Samir Benouar adores coffee and for their flagship coffee shop, roaster and bookstore he drew inspiration from years spent working behind espresso machines in cafes in New York, San Francisco, and his native Sacramento Ca. When you speak with Samir or enjoy one of his creations, it’s clear that this cafe is worthy of making our list. Although their drinks are a bit pricer than most, their menu has a plethora of wonderful brews. Perhaps their prices are a bit higher due to their historic downtown building and the fact that tips are included. If you are in the neighborhood, we recommend that you try Milka.

Camellia Coffee Roasters

Camellia is a genus of flower that has nearly infinite varieties. Sacramento, CA is the camellia capital of the world! And as such has a rich history of beautiful blooms and like the flower, Camellia Coffee offers a beautiful variety of beans for purchase. Camellia got it’s start exclusively as a wholesale roaster, making coffee for bars & restaurants around town. Then in 2018, they opened a shop on ‘R’ Street. Their coffee is stellar, but the food—all made in-house—is unlike any other bistro in town. Therefore, we highly recommend Camellia Coffee roasters.

Temple Coffee 

Established in 2005, the multi-award-winning Temple Coffee has to be included in our list. Its Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ECX was voted as 2013’s best coffee by They offer a choice of several beans, each emphasizing a farm-to-cup process. Try a blend or a single-origin bean at one of their modern locations in Sacramento Ca. With it’s many bistros, temple coffee is readily available when you are around the Sacramento area.


Q: How many Coffee Shops are in Sacramento Ca?

A:  As of January 2021 we counted 38 coffee roasting coffee shops with another 8 that are temporarily closed.

Q: Will Coffee grow in Sacramento?

A: Yes. California now boasts 30 farms growing more than 30,000 coffee trees, according to the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Q: How much does a pound of coffee cost?

A: Range from $10 to $100 with an average of $18 – $20.

In Summary: Where Is The Best Coffee in Sacramento?

Only very good coffee shops made our list. If we had to choose our top three coffeee houses we would choose.

1) The Mill – Our favorite cafe with delicious coffee and a fabulous staff.

2) The Old Soul – A very close second place on our list. They make a unique cup of joe that we absolutely love.

3) Pachamama – Third place is Pachamama with delicious coffee at and the best prices per cup on our list.


Let us know in the comments your favorite coffee shop. If there is another place that you would like us to try don’t be shy to place that in the comments below as well. As always, coffee and friends make the perfect blend!